Novembers Top Box Office Openings

30 Nov

Last weekend, ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ set a November box office record with the highest opening for the month ever with a little more than $158 million brought in. With November coming to an end and ‘Catching Fire’ setting records, I thought it would be cool to see what other movies make up Novembers top ten all time box office openings list. Just a little heads up, you might see two popular franchises dominate this list and maybe even another movie from 2013 will appear too.

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Will ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spin Off Be Successful?

20 Nov

Recently CBS has greenlit the pilot for the spin-off to one of their popular comedies, ‘How I Met Your Mother’. The new show will be called ‘How I Met Your Dad’. Just based off that title, it seems like the show won’t be swaying too much away from the formula of the original and seems like a way to keep the show alive once the last season finishes up in May.

The question, now that the spin off has been made official, is will it be anywhere near as successful as the original? It could very well be as there are some spin-offs that are successful. Take ‘Frasier’ as an example, since it was a spin-off of ‘Cheers’ and was very success in its 11 season run. But then their are times when spin-offs are not successful. I want to bring up one example in particular that ‘How I Met Your Dad’ will probably want nothing in common with.

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New Found Glory Impresses At Cincinnati Show

20 Nov

“Pop punk’s not dead,” their fans cry. Perhaps not — it’s my favorite genre of music — and legendary quintet New Found Glory did its best to prove that at Cincinnati’s Bogart’s club Friday night.

With opening act H2O (who I did not get to see) and co-headliner Alkaline Trio, the venue was absolutely packed. Alkaline Trio roared through its set, delivering a high-energy performance quickly moving from one song to the next, and guitarist Matt Skiba only briefly broke to sip from a bottle of water and introduce songs to the crowd. The live sound mix was also slightly off, with the bass too loud and the vocals a little bit quiet, but the band was in top form. Although I’ve never actually sought out an Alkaline Trio show, this is the second time I’ve seen them play live, the first being Warped Tour 2010.

But we were waiting for the next act, and the crowd went nuts as the lights dimmed and New Found Glory launched into “All Downhill From Here.” The next hour was pure pop punk heaven, with Chad Gilbert and Jordan Pundik leading the band through hits like “Don’t Let Her Pull You Down,” “Dressed to Kill” and “My Friends Over You.” The band also played its new single “Connect the Dots,” which resulted in a louder-than-expected applause.

And just when we thought the show was over, the band returned to the stage to play my personal favorite New Found Glory song, “The Story so Far.” It was a kick-ass end to one of the most energetic pop punk shows I’ve ever seen. New Found Glory is proving that pop punk is still alive and well.

‘South Park’ Brilliantly Mocks The Console Wars In Latest Episode

15 Nov

I’ve lost interest in South Park over the last few seasons, with many of the the more recent episodes just not delivering the laughs. However, Wednesday’s “Black Friday” saw Trey Parker and Matt Stone at their absolute peak.

The PlayStation 4 launches in mere hours, and the writers used this as an opportunity to do what they do best: take a timely event and intertwine a pop-culture parody that is completely unrelated. In this case, Cartman and Kyle, along with the majority of their friends, are planning to buy the Xbox One following Thanksgiving. Stan, on the other hand, wants the PlayStation 4, and the two sides fall into a Game of Thrones-style war of clans.

This could have been hit or miss, but Stone and Parker clearly know their stuff, mentioning the PlayStation 4’s touchpad and the Xbox One’s multitasking. They even took jabs at the fanboys amassing on both sides, with several characters making overgeneralized claims about the other side’s fans.

This isn’t the first time South Park has focused an episode on games. Past topics included the Nintendo Wii (Cartman freezes himself to help pass the time), Minecraft, and perhaps most famously, World of Warcraft.

Last night’s episode ending in a cliffhanger, so I expect to see a follow-up before the release of the Xbox One. Make sure to watch this one soon, as they don’t stay up on the official website for the entire season.


Thoughts On the ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2’

13 Nov

Eminem’s eighth album ‘Marshall Mathers LP II’ was released last Tuesday and according to Hits Daily Double, the album will top Billboards 200 chart tomorrow with around 792k copies sold. That total would make it the second highest opening week for any album this year. The first is ‘The 20/20 Experience’ by the great Justin Timberlake, which sold around 968k its first week. My favorite two artist are Eminem and Justin Timberlake, and both of their albums are phenomenal so I couldn’t be more excited that they stand atop the music industry this year.

As I just stated,  ‘Marshall Mathers LP II’ is another great album from Eminem. The album has a 75 on Metacritic which is pretty good. So I loved the album and it’s getting mostly good reviews from critics, but what do other people think about it? Click on the Storify link below to get the answer to that question. (Note: Anyone who says they don’t like the album clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about).

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‘Thor’ Sequel Beats ‘The Avengers’

11 Nov

The opening weekend numbers for ‘Thor: The Dark World’ are still being finalized but it’s looking like the sequel will be number one at the box office domestically with $86.1 million. That amount is better than its predecessors opening but it’s not even close to the opening for ‘Marvel’s The Avenger’. So I bet your wondering how exactly it beat ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’.

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World Of Warcraft’s Next Expansion Gets Trailer

9 Nov

Today Blizzard Entertainment revealed the latest expansion in its mega-successful MMO series, World of Warcraft.

Titled “Warlords of Draenor,” the trailer opens with “War, it is the lifeblood of this world. We are its children.” It appears to taken players to a diverse array of locations, including fiery depths, a barren wasteland much like Burning Crusade, and snowy regions similar to that of Wrath of the Lich King.

New features mentioned in the trailer include the ability to upgrade garrisons, new character models (far improved from past installments), and a level cap of 100.

Players will also be able to immediately boost level 90, which is likely a strategy by Blizzard to encourage newcomers and old players to rejoin the game.

It was just revealed yesterday that World of Warcraft has dropped to 7.6 million players, and as one of the few MMOs still using a subscription model, it may have a hard time ahead of it in the face of blurred-line MMOs like Destiny and The Division.

Mists of Pandaria — the current expansion for World of Warcraft released last September — received largely positive reviews from critics, but nowhere near as high as previous installment Cataclysm.

The game is currently playable on the Blizzcon show floor. Check out the trailer below.