Breaking Bad Approaching The Finish Line

22 Sep

With the acclaimed television series Breaking Bad set to air its final episodes over the coming two Sundays, AMC has begun a massive push to ensure that Vince Gilligan’s creation can go out with the attention it deserves. The official Breaking Bad blog revealed a poster for the show’s final episode, and in a fashion atypical of these types of promotions, the poster doesn’t foreshadow or allude to any story elements; instead it only features a picture of the RV that Jesse and Walt so famously used to get their start.

AMC will also be airing a five-day marathon of the show leading up to its final episode, beginning on September 25th, and the final two episodes of the show will be extended, allowing the show to avoid rushing through its conclusion.

Perhaps most amazing about Breaking Bad is that although lead actor Bryan Cranston was originally known as a goofy comedian from his time on Malcolm in the Middle, he is now one of the most respected names in entertainment. Co-star Aaron Paul has also received much acclaim for his performance, and is set to star in Need for Speed next year, based on the popular video game from Electronic Arts. It’s a far cry from his time on this show:

Will you be watching Breaking Bad’s last two episodes?

If you want to catch up, almost every episode is available on Netflix!


2 Responses to “Breaking Bad Approaching The Finish Line”

  1. Spencer Hensel September 22, 2013 at 3:26 pm #

    Woah. Aaron Paul on the Price is Right. This. is. fabulous.

    • gabegurwin September 22, 2013 at 7:05 pm #


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