Breaking Bad Ends, And AMC Reveals The Best Box Set Ever (Spoilers!)

1 Oct


Our obsession with Breaking Bad doesn’t have to end just because the show aired its final episode Sunday night, especially with a finale as incredibly satisfying as “Felina.” Vince Gilligan’s masterpiece ended perfectly, avoiding the ambiguous, shady conclusions of shows like The Sopranos, and more recently, Dexter. Jesse finally got to put Walter in his place, even if he knew his old teacher was about to die, and Uncle Jack got the death everyone was hoping for. And let’s not forget Todd. Of course we can’t forget about Todd.

AMC seems to be pleased, as well. The show drew well over ten million viewers, up around four million from the already incredible performance of last week’s episode. The cast also seemed incredible grateful for the roles Vince Gilligan gave them, with longtime cast members Jonathan Banks and Giancarlo Esposito returning on Talking Bad to discuss their theories on what would happen to Jesse after the ending credits. This took place at a graveyard party hosted by Aaron Paul.

AMC also unveiled an amazing box (well, barrel) blu-ray set featuring every episode of the series inside a “money barrel,” 55 hours of bonus content, a “Los Pollos Ermanos” apron, drink coasters and a digital copy of the series. It’s available in late November and will run you about $200.

What did you think of “Felina?” Did it live up to your expectations, or were you hoping for a less straightforward resolution? Let us know, and REMEMBER OUR NAME.


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