Top 5 Favorite Shows of All Time

5 Oct

Breaking Bad has ended its run recently, as we all know. After its finale, and even before, people were quick to proclaim the show as the greatest show of all time. If Breaking Bad is not the greatest show of all time on some people’s list, I’m sure it’s in many of those people’s top five (just guessing). With all this “best TV show of all time” talk, we decided to give you each of our very own top five FAVORITE, not greatest, shows of all time.

Nathan’s Top Five Shows of All Time

Before I give my list, I must state that I haven’t seen many of the shows many people think are great like The Wire, all three seasons of Game of Thrones, even Breaking Bad itself and more. So don’t be too outraged by my PERSONAL opinion.

1. Friends

Who doesn’t enjoy watching Rachel, Ross, Joey, Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe. Every time I watch an episode, I laugh like I’m seeing it for the first time

2. Family Guy

After being cancelled, this show took it to a new level and hasn’t looked back yet. If only we could get a ‘Family Guy’ movie but we saw how long it took for ‘The Simpsons’ to have one.

3. True Blood

I didn’t care much about the vampire craze thanks to stupid ‘Twilight’ but this show gave a polar opposite take. After I got my hands on the Season 1 DVD, I was hooked.

4. The Boondocks

I’ve never seen a show take so many long breaks in between seasons. It’s all forgivable once the season finally drops. There’s only been three seasons but it makes such a big impact in so few episodes with it’s controversial humor.

5. The King of Queens

There’s nothing too special about a concept of a fat guy living with his beautiful wife and her crazy dad. But the just takes that normal idea and gives the viewer an entertaining 30 minutes with non-stop laughs consistently and I’m fine with that.


Gabe’s Top Five Shows of All Time

I’ve only truly loved a few TV series that have aired during my lifetime, but there are several that I adore from well before I was born. This list reflects that, as there are a few “pre-Gabe” programs included.

1. Breaking Bad

Sorry if it’s a little bit cliche at this point, but Breaking Bad is as perfect a story, from beginning to end, as possible. The show drew me in after a Netflix binge, and I was hooked until the finale. If you haven’t seen this show, it is required viewing.

2. Seinfeld

I feel like I have to apologize again! It’s a near-universal agreement that Seinfeld is the best comedy series of all time, and there have been more catch phrases from the show than I can count.

3. Crime Story

Dennis Farina’s recent death makes this one hard to think about, but Crime Story took the standard cop drama and turned it into an engaging character piece, as well as the home of the first national performance from Julia Roberts. Now, are “you gonna stand around posing for pictures, are are you gonna pull the trigger?

4. Homeland

Not only did Homeland reignite Clare Danes’ career, it also established the creators of 24 as the best political-thriller minds in Hollywood. The show is suspenseful, gripping, and features some of the best performances to ever grace TV.

5. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It makes sense that this show would make my list due to its pitch as “Seinfeld on crack,” but It’s Always Sunny has delivered a stretch of hilarious episodes dating back to 2005. Sure, there’s the occasional naked Danny DeVito shot, but those are few and far between.


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