What Scripted TV Show Has The Most Episodes of All Time?

7 Oct

‘The Simpsons’ was just recently renewed for it’s 26th season and has already made its way to the top of a very cool list. That list is “Longest Running Scripted TV show of All Time.” I wasn’t able to make this assumption (because I wasn’t born yet), but I’m pretty sure many people who were around in 1989 when ‘The Simpsons’ first started didn’t think it would have reached this accomplishment. ‘The Simpsons’ is the longest running scripted TV show of all time but some may be surprised that it doesn’t have the most episodes of any other scripted TV show.

I’m sure many people would guess that the scripted show that has been around the longest has the shown the most episodes, but that is not the case. ‘Gunsmoke’ is a TV show that ran from 1955 – 1975 and aired 635 episodes before finishing. ‘The Simpsons’ has some ways to go as it currently sits at 532 episodes aired. But if its gonna make it to 26 seasons, then it could go way past that and eventually make its way past 635 episodes.

Comment below and tell what you think about ‘The Simpsons’ long run and if you think it has a chance of surpassing 635 episodes.


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