Smallest Second Weekend Drop in Ticket Sales for 2013 Films

15 Oct

‘Gravity’ just got done with its second weekend at the box office. The movies critical acclaim and positive word of mouth definitely was beneficial for it as it barely took a hit at the box office.  According to Box Office Mojo. ‘Gravity’ brought in $43.2 million in its second weekend, which is only a 22.6% drop from its opening weekend numbers of $55.8 million.

There have been 88 other films since 1982 that have had a less percentage drop in ticket sales from opening weekend to the second weekend compared to ‘Gravity’ but that isn’t a bad thing at all. ‘Gravity’s’ 22.6% was only good enough for 89th on the all time list but is actually smallest percentage drop this year. The next movie on this years list missed ‘Gravity’s’ percentage by around just a measly 10% (yes that is very small amount). This years hit comedy ‘Identity Thief’ comes in second on the list with a 31.5% drop in ticket sales from its opening weekend to its second weekend. You know what, I’ll just go ahead and give the top five movies that are on this years list so far.

Based off the rate ‘Gravity’ is going and the what will be even more glowing reviews of the movie, I predict another small drop off after its third weekend. Comment below if you agree or disagree or if you want to join the crowd and talk about how good ‘Gravity’ was.


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