Four New Shows Get Locked In For A Full Season

19 Oct

CBS and Fox have just recently ordered more episodes for a few of their shows to round out their complete first seasons. For CBS the shows are ‘The Crazy Ones’, ‘The Millers’, and ‘Mom’. For Fox, the show is ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’. These shows are clearly doing well for their respective stations but do you know which one is pulling in the most average viewers? Or do you know which show will have a special episode air right after one of the biggest events’ of the year?

‘The Crazy Ones’ starring Robin Williams is leading the pack out of these four shows with its average viewership being 13.71 million. ‘The Millers’ is next (12.41 million) followed by ‘Mom’ (7.98 million). Coming in behind those three is ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ with 4.9 million. All those numbers tell me is people must love them some CBS. But don’t think ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is losing in the slightest because they will have a special episode air after Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014. The Super Bowl has become the most watched television event in the country (108.41 million people watched this years Super Bowl) so I’m sure some of those viewers won’t change the channel when those shows come on afterwards, even if the they’re are used as background noise. New people might just get exposed to their new favorite show that night.

Out of those four shows, I’ve only watched ‘Mom’ and ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ and I have to say that I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far. Definitely deserving of the full season orders. Comment below and give your thoughts on any of these four shows. Also, want to read my opinion on ‘Mom’ click here.


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