‘South Park’ Becomes Power Outages Next Victim

19 Oct

This past Wednesday, if you were like me then when 10pm came around, the TV was on Comedy Central and a new episode of ‘South Park’ was supposed to come on. Instead an old ‘South Park’ episode, by the name of ‘Scott Tenorman Must Die’, came on instead. However, before the episode was supposed to come on, Comedy Central had announced that ‘South Park’ creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone missed their deadline (wish I would of heard about it beforehand). But why? It was because of a power outage at South Park Studios prevented them from finishing the show in time of their deadline.

It’s crazy to find out that Parker and Stone take about five days to make an episode and then turn the show in right before it goes on air. I knew their was an interesting reason for why their episode topics were always current. But anyways, I was highly confused and upset when I thought I was supposed to be watching a new episode of ‘South Park ‘ but just an old episode was playing (I was ready to laugh non-stop after watching the previous weeks episode, ‘World War Zimmerman’, which was HILARIOUS). Stupid Power Outage! Actually, many people probably remember that this situation isn’t the first time a power outage interrupted a TV airing this year.

Super Bowl XLVII, which aired this past February, was interrupted in the second half by a power outage that caused many of the stadium lights to go out. About a half hour later, the game did resume but I’m sure the long delay angered many footballs fans watching the game. The Super Bowl of course had way more viewers than what ‘South Park’ ever gets but either way stupid power outages are becoming a problem when it comes to our TV entertainment.

Comment below on if you can think of any other time where power outages ruined a TV experience or if you were as mad as I was that ‘South Park’ wasn’t new.


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