TLC Biopic Is #1 In Adults Eyes But Not Everyone’s

24 Oct

On Monday, October 21st, VH1 premiered their TLC biopic called ‘CrazySexyCool’ which took  in 4,5 million viewers. That’s a great number for the movie because it is now VH1’s highest rated original movie ever and for 2013 it is the most watched original cable movie…for the ADULT DEMOGRAPHIC (which is from 18 – 49). I keep seeing deceiving headlines calling it the number one original cable movie of the year and then mentioning that it’s only number one in the 18 – 49 demographic. It’s all understandable seeing how you have to grab readers attention somehow but either way its a little misleading since it’s not the most watched original cable movie this year of all demographics.

The  number one movie in the demographic of 18 – 49 is still really impressive and in my opinion is definitely more impressive than the overall most watched cable movie of the year. So I’m not putting the movies numbers down in any way, I’m just saying if your headline is going to be misleading, at least give credit to the actual most watched cable movie for this then by mentioning it. Now I plan on doing just that.

Disney Channel’s ‘Teen Beach Movie’ became cables most watched movie for 2013 after its premiere on Friday, July 19th. 8.4 million viewers tuned in to give the Disney Channel yet another hit original movie.

Clearly the demographic for ‘Teen Beach Movie’ and ‘CrazySexyCool’ is different with the Disney movie being for kids between the ages of 2 – 14. Even though a bunch of (annoying?) kids forced their parents to turn to the Disney Channel that Friday night and make ‘Teen Beach Movie’ number one, it still deserves its recognition.  Either way, both movies succeeded and won in their respected audience areas so that’s all that matters.

Comment below and tell what you think of either movie.

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