Batman Shows No Sign Of Slowing In Games Or Movies

27 Oct

With the release yesterday of both Batman: Arkham Origins  and Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate for handhelds, it appears that the Batman brand is now more popular than ever before. Both Batman’s games and his movies have had very big ups and downs. Most fans of the Caped Crusader died a little inside when Joel Schumacher took Tim Burton’s film series and destroyed it with an overly campy tone and nippled costumes, and well, this was once a Batman game.

Luckily, the fantastic Christopher Nolan gave us the Dark Knight trilogy, which in addition to being the best superhero trilogy ever made, is also a complete change in tone from any Batman movies prior. This scene is also one of the best in movie history:

Arkham Origins is scoring quite a bit lower than previous games in the series. The Xbox 360 version of Arkham City has a 94 on Metacritic, while Arkham Origins sits at a 79, based on 22 reviews. While not bad by any means, it’s believed that the change in developer from Rocksteady to Warner Bros. Montreal may have been the cause, and that a next-gen Batman game is currently in development.

Of course, a Batman and Superman movie starring Ben Affleck is also in the works, but I’d prefer something a little more like this for the next film.


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