‘Key and Peele’ Is A Huge Success…Sort Of

30 Oct

Following the premiere of the critically lauded sketch-comedy show Key and Peele in early 2012, we’ve encountered a very odd issue that hasn’t been seen in other Comedy Central programs. While the sketches that Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele perform are hits on Youtube — with the “East-West College Bowl” skit at the top of the list — this success has not translated nearly as well to television ratings.

According to TV By The Numbers, last week’s episode of the show was well below other Comedy Central shows such as South Park, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, even though its time slot, sandwiched between South Park and The Daily Show, should keep it at least at the same level of those two programs.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed. In the Youtube video for the  much-anticipated (and slightly less funny) sequel to the “East-West” skit, Comedy Central reminded viewers that “it’s on TV,” suggesting that large numbers of people are watching individual clips online and aren’t subsequently tuning in for the entire show on Wednesday nights.

Key and Peele are even aware of their internet popularity, appearing in a hilarious recent video by internet start Freddie Wong, advertising that Wong would be making a guest appearance on their show. The episode airs tomorrow night at 10:30 EST.

The video, which can be seen below, mixes the high-octane action and VFX that Freddie Wong has become famous for with the clever wordplay and excellent chemistry that has made Key and Peele so popular.

“Shut your mouth, you dirty gun.”


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