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Will ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spin Off Be Successful?

20 Nov

Recently CBS has greenlit the pilot for the spin-off to one of their popular comedies, ‘How I Met Your Mother’. The new show will be called ‘How I Met Your Dad’. Just based off that title, it seems like the show won’t be swaying too much away from the formula of the original and seems like a way to keep the show alive once the last season finishes up in May.

The question, now that the spin off has been made official, is will it be anywhere near as successful as the original? It could very well be as there are some spin-offs that are successful. Take ‘Frasier’ as an example, since it was a spin-off of ‘Cheers’ and was very success in its 11 season run. But then their are times when spin-offs are not successful. I want to bring up one example in particular that ‘How I Met Your Dad’ will probably want nothing in common with.

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‘South Park’ Brilliantly Mocks The Console Wars In Latest Episode

15 Nov

I’ve lost interest in South Park over the last few seasons, with many of the the more recent episodes just not delivering the laughs. However, Wednesday’s “Black Friday” saw Trey Parker and Matt Stone at their absolute peak.

The PlayStation 4 launches in mere hours, and the writers used this as an opportunity to do what they do best: take a timely event and intertwine a pop-culture parody that is completely unrelated. In this case, Cartman and Kyle, along with the majority of their friends, are planning to buy the Xbox One following Thanksgiving. Stan, on the other hand, wants the PlayStation 4, and the two sides fall into a Game of Thrones-style war of clans.

This could have been hit or miss, but Stone and Parker clearly know their stuff, mentioning the PlayStation 4’s touchpad and the Xbox One’s multitasking. They even took jabs at the fanboys amassing on both sides, with several characters making overgeneralized claims about the other side’s fans.

This isn’t the first time South Park has focused an episode on games. Past topics included the Nintendo Wii (Cartman freezes himself to help pass the time), Minecraft, and perhaps most famously, World of Warcraft.

Last night’s episode ending in a cliffhanger, so I expect to see a follow-up before the release of the Xbox One. Make sure to watch this one soon, as they don’t stay up on the official website for the entire season.


Top 10 Shows for the Week

31 Oct

Want to know what the top 10 shows for the week  that ended on October 27th? Well all you have to do is head over to by clicking the link below. In the bar graph you can find the ratings and the number of viewers for the top 10 shows for that week. Spoiler Alert! You might find a couple of World Series games on the list. (Side note: as a Yankees fan, I’m not cool with the Red Sox winning)

Also, comment below after taking a look at the graph and tell if your a fan or hate any of the shows on the list.

‘Key and Peele’ Is A Huge Success…Sort Of

30 Oct

Following the premiere of the critically lauded sketch-comedy show Key and Peele in early 2012, we’ve encountered a very odd issue that hasn’t been seen in other Comedy Central programs. While the sketches that Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele perform are hits on Youtube — with the “East-West College Bowl” skit at the top of the list — this success has not translated nearly as well to television ratings.

According to TV By The Numbers, last week’s episode of the show was well below other Comedy Central shows such as South Park, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, even though its time slot, sandwiched between South Park and The Daily Show, should keep it at least at the same level of those two programs.

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TLC Biopic Is #1 In Adults Eyes But Not Everyone’s

24 Oct

On Monday, October 21st, VH1 premiered their TLC biopic called ‘CrazySexyCool’ which took  in 4,5 million viewers. That’s a great number for the movie because it is now VH1’s highest rated original movie ever and for 2013 it is the most watched original cable movie…for the ADULT DEMOGRAPHIC (which is from 18 – 49). I keep seeing deceiving headlines calling it the number one original cable movie of the year and then mentioning that it’s only number one in the 18 – 49 demographic. It’s all understandable seeing how you have to grab readers attention somehow but either way its a little misleading since it’s not the most watched original cable movie this year of all demographics.

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‘South Park’ Becomes Power Outages Next Victim

19 Oct

This past Wednesday, if you were like me then when 10pm came around, the TV was on Comedy Central and a new episode of ‘South Park’ was supposed to come on. Instead an old ‘South Park’ episode, by the name of ‘Scott Tenorman Must Die’, came on instead. However, before the episode was supposed to come on, Comedy Central had announced that ‘South Park’ creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone missed their deadline (wish I would of heard about it beforehand). But why? It was because of a power outage at South Park Studios prevented them from finishing the show in time of their deadline.

It’s crazy to find out that Parker and Stone take about five days to make an episode and then turn the show in right before it goes on air. I knew their was an interesting reason for why their episode topics were always current. But anyways, I was highly confused and upset when I thought I was supposed to be watching a new episode of ‘South Park ‘ but just an old episode was playing (I was ready to laugh non-stop after watching the previous weeks episode, ‘World War Zimmerman’, which was HILARIOUS). Stupid Power Outage! Actually, many people probably remember that this situation isn’t the first time a power outage interrupted a TV airing this year.

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Four New Shows Get Locked In For A Full Season

19 Oct

CBS and Fox have just recently ordered more episodes for a few of their shows to round out their complete first seasons. For CBS the shows are ‘The Crazy Ones’, ‘The Millers’, and ‘Mom’. For Fox, the show is ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’. These shows are clearly doing well for their respective stations but do you know which one is pulling in the most average viewers? Or do you know which show will have a special episode air right after one of the biggest events’ of the year?

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