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‘Thor’ Sequel Beats ‘The Avengers’

11 Nov

The opening weekend numbers for ‘Thor: The Dark World’ are still being finalized but it’s looking like the sequel will be number one at the box office domestically with $86.1 million. That amount is better than its predecessors opening but it’s not even close to the opening for ‘Marvel’s The Avenger’. So I bet your wondering how exactly it beat ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’.

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Smallest Second Weekend Drop in Ticket Sales for 2013 Films

15 Oct

‘Gravity’ just got done with its second weekend at the box office. The movies critical acclaim and positive word of mouth definitely was beneficial for it as it barely took a hit at the box office. ¬†According to Box Office Mojo. ‘Gravity’ brought in $43.2 million in its second weekend, which is only a 22.6% drop from its opening weekend numbers of $55.8 million.

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