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Batman Shows No Sign Of Slowing In Games Or Movies

27 Oct

With the release yesterday of both Batman: Arkham Origins  and Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate for handhelds, it appears that the Batman brand is now more popular than ever before. Both Batman’s games and his movies have had very big ups and downs. Most fans of the Caped Crusader died a little inside when Joel Schumacher took Tim Burton’s film series and destroyed it with an overly campy tone and nippled costumes, and well, this was once a Batman game.

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Pokémon Appealing To First Generation Of Fans With New Game And Animated Special

12 Oct
Image Credit: Nintendo

Image Credit: Nintendo

After over 15 years of sprite-based handheld games, Pokémon will finally be going 3D with the series’ latest installments, Pokémon X and Y, when the game releases tomorrow. Players will have access to the brand-new Kalos region and a new type of Pokémon: fairy. The game will also feature mega-evolutions,” giving certain Pokémon enhanced abilities for the duration of a battle.

However, with this new leap in technology, Nintendo also aims to win back the older gamers who had previously loved the series. The original three starting Pokémon from Red and Blue will be available for the player to choose, suggesting that Nintendo realizes how anticipated the games are.

In addition, an animated special is scheduled to launch on November 15th, hence this post’s inclusion on this blog and not my other blog, Gurwin’s Wordin’. Unlike the longtime show starring Ash Ketchum, Pokémon Origins stars Red, the protagonist from the original game. It’s expected to be much more faithful to the original games than the popular animated series has been.

While the main games in the Pokémon series have always been well-received, the recent spinoff titles have somewhat tainted the brand. Pokémon Rumble U currently sits at a score of 48 on Metacritic, but X and Y look to continue the trend of excellent, family-friendly role-playing games that we’ve come to expect from the series.