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Will ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spin Off Be Successful?

20 Nov

Recently CBS has greenlit the pilot for the spin-off to one of their popular comedies, ‘How I Met Your Mother’. The new show will be called ‘How I Met Your Dad’. Just based off that title, it seems like the show won’t be swaying too much away from the formula of the original and seems like a way to keep the show alive once the last season finishes up in May.

The question, now that the spin off has been made official, is will it be anywhere near as successful as the original? It could very well be as there are some spin-offs that are successful. Take ‘Frasier’ as an example, since it was a spin-off of ‘Cheers’ and was very success in its 11 season run. But then their are times when spin-offs are not successful. I want to bring up one example in particular that ‘How I Met Your Dad’ will probably want nothing in common with.

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What Scripted TV Show Has The Most Episodes of All Time?

7 Oct

‘The Simpsons’ was just recently renewed for it’s 26th season and has already made its way to the top of a very cool list. That list is “Longest Running Scripted TV show of All Time.” I wasn’t able to make this assumption (because I wasn’t born yet), but I’m pretty sure many people who were around in 1989 when ‘The Simpsons’ first started didn’t think it would have reached this accomplishment. ‘The Simpsons’ is the longest running scripted TV show of all time but some may be surprised that it doesn’t have the most episodes of any other scripted TV show.

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Top 5 Favorite Shows of All Time

5 Oct

Breaking Bad has ended its run recently, as we all know. After its finale, and even before, people were quick to proclaim the show as the greatest show of all time. If Breaking Bad is not the greatest show of all time on some people’s list, I’m sure it’s in many of those people’s top five (just guessing). With all this “best TV show of all time” talk, we decided to give you each of our very own top five FAVORITE, not greatest, shows of all time.

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Mom Vs. Dads

2 Oct

It’s kind of funny that two new shows, that premiered this fall, are called ‘Mom’(CBS) and ‘Dads’(Fox).  These two shows aren’t necessarily going up against each seeing how they both come on at different time slots on different days but why not put these shows up against each other and see which one is the favorite parent (corny, I know).

Both shows have shown at least two episodes so I believe its far to start making predictions. If one of the two shows were to get canceled, I would have to say it would be ‘Dads’ based off their two episodes so far. I’m a huge Seth MacFarlane fan (producer of ‘Dads’) and I actually enjoy the show but the feedback from other’s don’t seem to be feeling the same way.

First off, ‘Dads’ had a bigger ratings drop off from episode one (5.76 million viewers) to episode two (3.65 million viewers). ‘Mom’ opened with more viewers and only experienced a small drop from episode one (7.99 million viewers) to episode two (7.00 million viewers). It probably doesn’t help that ‘Dads’ went up against the  ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’(ABC) premiere in its second week , and will continue to go up against it in the 8:00pm Tuesday slot. Also, ‘Mom’ gets a bump by coming on right after ‘2 Broke Girls’ which is a popular comedy that also comes on CBS.

Another reason that favors ‘Mom’ is critics seem to completely hate ‘Dads’ but somewhat enjoy ‘Mom.’ On Rotten Tomatoes, which now rates TV shows, shows 0% of critics favor the Fox show while 65% favor the CBS show. To sum up just exactly how much critics dislike ‘Dads,’ here’s a quote from critic Ed Bark in which he nicely states that the show “looks like something you’d pick out of an infected cyst.”

I always want MacFarlane to win so I hope the show lasts a lot longer but the future doesn’t look too bright. Meanwhile, ‘Mom’ has TV’s most watched network in CBS on its side so the odds are more in their favor. Comment below and tell us what you think of each show.