‘Thor’ Sequel Beats ‘The Avengers’

11 Nov

The opening weekend numbers for ‘Thor: The Dark World’ are still being finalized but it’s looking like the sequel will be number one at the box office domestically with $86.1 million. That amount is better than its predecessors opening but it’s not even close to the opening for ‘Marvel’s The Avenger’. So I bet your wondering how exactly it beat ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’.

 Movie goers in China must prefer to see Thor fight his battles alone and not with the rest of the Avengers. ‘Thor: The Dark World’ opened  with $19.6 million over in China. That amount is more than what ‘The Avengers’ opened up with there (which is around $18 million). So congratulations to the sequel for actually beating the juggernaut film, that was released last year, in something.

Can’t give ‘Thor: The Dark World’ to much praise on its victory in China though. Just this past May when ‘Iron Man 3’ opened in China, it brought in $21.5 million its first day. As you can see that total is more than the openings for ‘Thor: The Dark World’ and ‘The Avengers’. These solo movies dominating the way are just shows how much of an impact ‘The Avengers’ has. And there’s still more movies to come.

Also, if your interested in reading more about Marvel’s Phase Two of movies, visit iseemovies.wordpress.com by clicking here.

Comment below and tell what you thought about ‘Thor: The Dark World’.


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